Mistler ONE

“The Mistler ONE represents a patient on each mission trip as the most critical. Every mission 33 embarks on will showcase the Mistler ONE and ONE, is an acronym and stands for Operation Nearly Everyone. This embodies what the Mistlers and 33 Spine Align independently sought out to do to quench their philanthropic appetite. 33 SA goal is to help fix as many of those in need as we can and it is with individuals like the Mistlers that help them achieve our goals. We understand that we won’t be able to help everyone with a  severe spinal deformity, but we want to come pretty darn close.”

-Ryan Normandeau, founder.

Mistler ONE Patient

Tom and Joan Mistler have made it a long term priority to help others.  Tom would credit his Kansas roots and philanthropic parents for his interest in changing people’s lives.  Joan would tell you that growing up a a preacher’s kid taught her about the impact people have in service to others.  Throughout their 57 years of marriage they have donated money and time to their church, their community, their friends and people in need.  While living in Pittsburgh and working for Westinghouse as President of their nuclear power business, Tom was a board member for the Brother’s Brother Foundation.  The Mistlers established a Foundation with the goal of leveraging their resources in the areas of education, women’s empowerment, and medicine.  The Mistlers’ international background illustrated for them that there are important needs across the world.  When Joan met Dr. Karikari, she knew immediately that his life altering work with 33 Spine Align was exactly the kind of positive impact she wanted to support.  The Mistlers are pleased to have helped 33 Spine Align fulfill its mission of relieving the suffering of those plagued by spinal deformities.

History: October 22, 2019
  • Patient presents with deformity of the spine of about 6 years history. It has been progressive over the period.
  • He has occasional pain over the deformity.
  • No dyspnea.
  • He has normal bowel/bladder function.
  • No weakness in the lower extremities.
  • There is no family history of spine deformity and no history of trauma

Photos & X-Rays